Quick question for the WordPress folks

Any of you out there using wordpress.org as opposed to wordpress.com?  How have you found it in terms of ease of use, being worth the money, all that stuff?  I want to use Google Analytics on my site and it’s leading me down a rabbit hole at the moment…

8 thoughts on “Quick question for the WordPress folks

  1. tacktix

    I’ve been on a wordpress.org installation via my own server since January. I would say my biggest caution about switching over (though it’ll be easier for you since you aren’t changing web addresses from, say, demerybunn.wordpress.com to demerybunn.com) is that WordPress.com does way less exposure for you when you go .org.

    The reason I even bring this up, though it likely doesn’t apply to you, is that it stunted the growth of my blog tremendously. I was at 50 followers in 2 months when I switched, none of them transferred automatically, and 10 months later from then I’m at only 30 on the .org site.


  2. NotAPunkRocker

    I went from .com to .org and and back to .com when I started over. Follower drop off is huge. The benefits of having the different customization options was nice but it depends on why you blog. For you, getting your name out as a writer, you would have to rebuild your follower numbers and learn more about SEO promotion.

    Also? Even with plug-ins, LOTS more spam. No reliable filters, though that may have improved since I jumped back last year.

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  3. Afraid I don’t know anything about it myself. I’ve been tempted sometimes by WordPress’s offers to own my own domain name but I start reading about how to do that, and get overcome with a sense of helplessness.


  4. I’ve been thinking about switching as well but would hate to lose the followers I have. I also have read there’s not much more of a benefit with the plugins. I don’t know if it’s worth it. You can still have a domain name customized with wp.com and you can do a lot with the widgets provided. I don’t know I’m on the fence. The annual fee is really not that much to upgrade while still using .com.


  5. I’ve known people who were self-hosted and powered by WordPress.org and weird things happen like the easy reblog button and the follow button at the top can not be present for WordPress.com users. I think you need some admin skills to run it with .org.


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