Window Toad is watching me die


Pretty sure the Norse had legends about this. (Also, I know I’ve posted a similar picture before, but I remain fascinated– we’ve been in this house three or four years now and never saw this behavior from the local toads until this summer.)

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Luther M. Siler

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6 thoughts on “Window Toad is watching me die

  1. In Lovecraft’s Dunwich Horror, the whippoorwills would flock under the window of the expectant death and time their calls with the breath of the dying. If they caught your soul, they cackled and sang until morning, if your soul got away, they fell silent at your death.

    So I guess in your state, frogs are what you need to watch out for. Are they timing their chirrups to your breathing yet?


  2. Sorry Brother but, if the Norse spoke about frogs on their windows it would have to have been a prophecy not a legend since windows were a few years away back then. Nice bit of revisionist history though. Bet you’d be great telling stories around a campfire.


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