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One of our cats was just put on these pills.  Check the ingredients:

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  1. I love Standard Process stuff. I’ve been taking it for me for 35 years (tons of it), and I’ve cured my cats of Renal failure (with Feline Renal support), Fatty Liver syndrome (Feline Hepatic Support), chronic diarrhea (Feline Enteric Support), and kept them all healthy with Feline Immune System Support and Feline Whole Body Support. I understand that one vet is using regular human Diaplex to successfully treat feline diabetes. That’s exciting because I had two diabetic cats. One I cured with diet (cut out all hard food); the other one, the first one, had 2 shots of insulin twice a day and died of the cancer he contracted from the shots .Anyway, there’s no end to the money I’ve saved and the diseases I’ve ended with Standard Process stuff.

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  2. I have four cats, and they all have different problems – just like people. Two of them have a gene for HCM, hypercardiomyopathy, so I give them Life Extention Super Ubiquinol with mitochondrial support. Their heartbeats are astoundingly slow and regular for cats, according to the vet. They also have stomatitis, which requires a bunch of cool stuff, none of it from Standard Process. Another cat, 12 years old, has kidney problems, so I am very successfully treating that with Standard Process Feline Renal Support. Luckily she loves excellent food, so I didn’t have to alter her diet. She spent two years in a shelter before I got her, where she ate nothing but dry food – a sure road to kidney failure and diabetes. A fourth cat had diarrhea from the time I got her (she was a feral), so I give her Standard Process Feline Enteric concentrate. They all take B vitamins, but it wasn’t until I started giving this ex-feral CoQ10 (a superubiquinol of another kind that works well for me and for her) and Stress B that the diarrhea went away completely. And one of the Maine Coons (with the gene for HCM) was having problems losing weight. I discovered his liver was hugely swollen, so I began giving him Standard Process Feline Hepatic Support, He lost 5 pounds (gradually) and the liver became normal. He now can eat a normal amount of food without gaining any weight. I give them all Standard Process Feline Immune Support and Feline Whole Body support. The Immune system stuff, along with L-Lysine, helps protect against some infections, and the Whole Body support seems to stabilize them, especially the Maine Coon with the weight problems.
    All in all they each take about 12 vitamins, which I grind up and mix with bottled water or Wellness Turkey or Turkey and Salmon (to get the perfect PH for the stomatitis sufferers) or baby food, depending on the ability of the cat to get the vitamin mixture down. One cat needs to have it syringed into her mouth; another can’t handle a thick mixture or a syringe, and two others like the vitamins with the food. I do all of this in the bathtub every day after much brushing, massaging, whispering and kisses. There’s a picture of me teaching one of them to swallow on youtube, before we got the bathroom fixed. Hope this answers your question.


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