In which awesome things are awesome

The most excellent D. Emery Bunn took an ereader along with him on a plane ride and this happened.  An excerpt:

I was too busy chuckling to myself and thinking “I hope he keeps this up, I need more Douglas Adams style humor in the books I read.” And then it was over. Scumbag short story collection, cutting off and making me want to read the next thing. You hear that, Luther? Write and publish the next one already, before I force you to read it to me personally.

Want a way to guarantee it’s gonna be a good day?  Get compared to Douglas fucking Adams.  Wheee!  Reviews with threats in them are the best kind!

Give in to inevitability, join the kool kidz, and download The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1 from the retailer of your choice.  99 cents!:

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6 thoughts on “In which awesome things are awesome

  1. Seriously, your narrative style has much more in common with Douglas Adams than it does to any amount of Star Wars mythos. That, and by shoving the Benevolence to not-quite-the-focus, the possible Empire comparison vanishes.




      For the record, there’s a free sample available everywhere the book is, containing the foreword, the entirety of the first story, and part of the second. It’ll give you a decent idea of what you’re in for.


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