Not in jail yet

…although technically I haven’t avoided jail yet, as we’re still on the bus maybe an hour from home and I may have to murderbone one of these fools in the back of this bus to convince the others to get off my last nerve.

(Yes, that says murderbone, and is not a typo, although it was originally, one of my most frequent typos while trying to write on the phone being a “b” showing up when I’m trying to hit space. I decided I liked it.)

For the most part, though, this has gone better than I expected. The Museum of Science and Industry appears to have been entirely gutted and renovated since I was last there, which wasn’t terribly recently but wasn’t so long ago that it’s been lost to the mists of time or anything like that. The last time I was there it was outdated and frankly rather lame. That is no longer the case at all; it may be my favorite Chicago-area museum now.

More later tonight, maybe; typing on the phone on a bus is getting annoying. Assuming, again, that I don’t kill any of them. Have a picture:


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3 thoughts on “Not in jail yet

  1. Do it, do it!!!! All survived our day here at school too, though technically, if someone had taken care of things appropriately, some may have been murderboned.

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    1. If the people in my acquaintance pool don’t grow up, NOW. I’m probably going to spend the rest of my in jail for murderboneing 60-80% of them.


  2. Murderbone'' is the most potentially useful typo-word I've encountered since … well, earlier this afternoon whenpoan” seemed to be a good coinage for a plan enacted even though nobody figures it’s going to accomplish its goals, but that doing something was better than waiting indifferently for the doom.


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