The terribly dumb thing I’ve gone and done

I look forward to life without a nose.  Also, if there’s anything in the universe that smells more like concentrated man than sandalwood shaving cream, I don’t think I want to know what it is.  Because holy shit.

photo 1Also, this has no right to have been translated from German.  This had to have been originally written in Japanese:

photo 2


4 thoughts on “The terribly dumb thing I’ve gone and done

  1. Just remember to use short strokes, and don’t press too hard. Also change the blade frequently. I use a safety razor, and I’m a lady 🙂 I was super nervous the first couple of times, but I never cut myself.


  2. Can’t speak to what the shaving experience is like — I let my beard grow in until I start to look like a 19th century President, myself — but if you just keep one or two backup noses in storage you should be fine.


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