CCPR update: Super Why

imagesDo you happen to remember my review of “Super Why”?  Here it is, if you want to go look at it.  Consider this post a follow-up, if you like.

TL;DR version: Wyatt (I’m still not going to spell his stupid name the way they want me to) is still a huge asshole.

Slightly longer: I’m writing this Thursday night to pop Friday morning, right?  The boy made me watch an episode of this stupid show earlier today.  The episode was literally about what a damn unredeemable asshole Wyatt is.

So Inexplicable Pig calls Wyatt on his phone-thing.  He’s building a sandbox!  Wyatt goes and finds the pig and watches him.  He asks if he can help and the pig, hilariously, says no, he’d rather build the sandbox his damn self rather than suffer Wyatt’s presence for even a single second longer.  Go away, Wyatt.

So Wyatt goes and finds the slutty one.  She’s having having a tea party with her mother.  While wearing roller skates for some reason.  She also tells Wyatt to piss off and that she doesn’t have time for him.  Then Wyatt goes and finds the one who likes vegetables too much.  She’s busy too!  I don’t remember why; it’s not important.  The important bit is that none of Wyatt’s friends want him around.

Do you know what this asshole does?  Go ahead and guess; I dare you.


He proclaims this… “A SUPER BIG PROBLEM!” and calls a meeting of the Super Readers, who are the same people who just rejected him, to investigate the problem of why none of them wanted to hang out with him.  He seriously and literally tells people who have just told him that they don’t want to be with him that they need to drop what they’re doing to help him figure out why they don’t want to be around him.

And, because this show is stupid, they actually do.

The super story answer, by the way, is “CREATE.”  In other words, “find something else to do, idiot.”

I hate this show.

3 thoughts on “CCPR update: Super Why

    1. The combination of the booty shorts and the weird pelvis-thrusting dance she does when she’s singing are what did it for me. The whole character is weirdly sexualized and creepy and adds yet another dimension to why the show is so fucked up.


    2. Also, the constant insistence on wearing roller skates under any and all circumstances, in combination with everything else, calls to mind Rollergirl from that movie where Marky Mark had a big dick. It doesn’t help.


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