Friday novel musings

h7A5C0D22It’s slowly dawning on me that yeah, I really do have to write a novel this summer, and maybe it might behoove me to spend some time actually thinking about what that might be about.  I’m kicking around a bunch of different ideas– from stuff in preexisting “worlds” I’ve created (BA 2 wants to be a novel) or a sequel for Skylightswhich is actually getting published, to a few different somewhat more nebulous ideas for newer stuff.  Part of me kinda wants to try a YA book, too, but I feel like epubbing a YA book is asking for trouble.  Kids love technology but I’ve never seen any of my students with an e-reader, even the ones who can’t go anywhere without a book in their hands.  My kids read books.  I feel like this is a loser as a proposition.

(I could go the John Green route, though, and make millions.  Nebbishy main character falls in love with perfect person, lots of age-inappropriate clever banter, and then kill the love interest.  Tearjerky!  I can do that!)

Anyway, yeah, it’s weird, and looking through my loose notes and the app I keep random thoughts in is kinda hilarious.  One whole page has nothing but the words “Citymancy/parkour??” on it.  The scary thing is I know exactly what that means.  There’s also a mess of other projects that I’ve started and not finished; I could try and reboot one of those.

I sorta want to see if there’s something larger hiding in “Crossroads” and “Confession,” too.  I wouldn’t be able to write them in the same tone; something novel-length written that way would be unbearable, I think, but with a different style of main character there could be something interesting in there.