In which titles are for clever people

katt-williams-meme-generator-everythang-everythang-35a9d9My wife had minor foot surgery today– the highlight was the expression of pure glee on the face of the doctor, clearly a madman, when he informed us “We’re gonna have to rebreak it.  With a saw!”– and as a result I’m basically responsible for everything around here for the next god-who-knows-can-somebody-cast-me-some-cure-light-wounds-up-in-here-please.

It’s gonna cut into writing time for a bit, is what I’m saying.

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5 thoughts on “In which titles are for clever people

  1. Oh, ugh! So sorry to hear your wife had to have her foot rebroken . . . with a fricken saw! I have gooseflesh and the willies now, thanks. Hope your wife feels better soon!


  2. I had to have my little toe fixed a few years ago. It was amazing how painful and incapacitating it was, one of those moments when the cure was almost worse than the malady. Hope she’s feeling better asap.


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