So. Uh. OK.

misunderstood-spider-meme-generator-would-it-be-alright-if-i-let-you-see-me-then-disappear-when-you-turn-back-around-4d92e2I was all ready to start a new post, right?  About, like, I got a new laptop because the old one’s gone to shit, so I have a Macbook Pro now, because I’m that much of a wanker and Apple owns my soul.  I literally own every kind of device Apple currently produces, although my iPod is older than dirt.

Except as I was reaching for the keyboard of the desktop, this spider like flew across my desk– I’ve seriously never seen a spider moving this fast– ran right off the edge, webbed his way down to the floor, and disappeared.  Like he hit the floor and became invisible.

And all of this happened in like two seconds.  I may have even imagined it.

So, new computer yay, teleporting high-speed inviso-spider… less yay?

I have to burn the house down, don’t I?

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8 thoughts on “So. Uh. OK.

  1. Those bastards have acquired highly-advanced technologies, and they are mocking us! I’m talking about all insects, not just spiders. You want to see for yourself? Try following a fly with your eyes, it vanishes right in front of you, only to appear instantly in a different location. That’s what I call high tech, time-bending, logic-defying tech!

    The spiders and flies are the lookouts, next comes the invasion.

    Oh! And congratulations on the new laptop 🙂


  2. Macbook Pro is the best! I have one and absolutely love it. LOVE it. Have you got Scrivener to write? It’s such an amazing program. Lets you move scenes around in your book, see the chapters, collate them…etc. It’s really, really amazing. If you want more info, give me a shout (I have Scrivener too and love it)


    1. I feel like I would love Scrivener if I were enough of a planner to use it properly; I don’t think I’ve ever actually tried to write something substantive with it. Plus it doesn’t play nicely with the cloud yet as far as I know. The Benevolence Archives are being written in Pages because of how easy it is to move between devices using iCloud.


  3. Burn the house down? No. But disinfect every imaginable surface (especially the macbook)? Definite yes.

    P.s., writing this on an iPad. Apple owns my soul as well.


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