So. Uh. OK.

misunderstood-spider-meme-generator-would-it-be-alright-if-i-let-you-see-me-then-disappear-when-you-turn-back-around-4d92e2I was all ready to start a new post, right?  About, like, I got a new laptop because the old one’s gone to shit, so I have a Macbook Pro now, because I’m that much of a wanker and Apple owns my soul.  I literally own every kind of device Apple currently produces, although my iPod is older than dirt.

Except as I was reaching for the keyboard of the desktop, this spider like flew across my desk– I’ve seriously never seen a spider moving this fast– ran right off the edge, webbed his way down to the floor, and disappeared.  Like he hit the floor and became invisible.

And all of this happened in like two seconds.  I may have even imagined it.

So, new computer yay, teleporting high-speed inviso-spider… less yay?

I have to burn the house down, don’t I?