Woo, pointless milestone!


If you don’t mind indulging me in a bit more blogwanking:  this, this shit right here, is Infinitefreetime’s 200th post. Which is kind of ridiculous considering that this is only Infinitefreetime’s 169th day.  I have somehow not only managed to only miss maybe a handful of days during the 24 weeks this blog has existed, I’ve had enough double- and triple-post days to manage to average just over eight posts a week.  That’s madness.

My last “real” blog, which lived over at Xanga before Xanga killed itself, lasted just barely over five years.  I remember, because one of the very last posts was an anniversary post.  I was active over there, but not to the level I’ve been here– and while I don’t remember what my traffic was like on a day-t0-day basis over there, a thousand hits was a good month.  I’ll likely crack three thousand this month and I’ve only been here since June, so either blogging has exploded in popularity (which seems unlikely), my writing has improved substantially (possible, but I doubt it’s responsible) or WordPress just pulls a shitton more traffic than Xanga ever did, which… well, that’s probably the most likely reason.  Either way, I like the exposure, even if I’m aware that it’s not actually worth much of anything in the real world.

Yeah, and half an hour ago I had three different places I wanted to go after I finished those paragraphs, and right now I have no goddamn idea what any of them were.  So… yay, happy blogiversary?  I’m stuffed full of lasagna right now; it’s screwing up my brain.  Maybe I was gonna post about how awesome lasagna is.  Sure.

(Thanks for reading.  Assuming you’re real and not some sort of WordPress SEO-bot.)

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6 thoughts on “Woo, pointless milestone!

  1. I’m pretty certain I’m not a WordPress SEO-bot (do they actually exist?). Your post made me laugh. And traffic might have something to do with the quality of the writing… 🙂


    1. It’s trailed off lately, but for maybe the first couple of months every follow I had was from a username that didn’t look like anything an actual human being would choose to generate. Plus traffic wasn’t jumping with follows, which I would think would happen. That trend’s reversed itself lately, which is a welcome development. 🙂 Also: thanks again.


  2. Haha, I too was on xanga for a while. It’s sad, since it had a good community… for a while.. but things died way before xanga killed itself. Hehe. Glad you found a home here.


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