This one has some bad words in it


(First things first: if you need context on the picture, go here.  This post is gonna be sorta grab-baggy; it should make sense by the time I get to the end.)

Let’s start by griping about nonsense.  Y’all know the song OPP, right?  If you don’t we can’t be friends anymore.  One of hiphop’s classic anthems; it came out when I was a sophomore in high school and therefore I will have it memorized until I die.  The whole song is about infidelity, but because it doesn’t have any bad words in it and the writing is clever it got played at high school dances all the time.  Combine that with the call-and-response and what you end up with is hundreds of teenagers hollering about penises and pussies in public with none of the adults noticing what’s going on.  It’s wonderful.  It contains this verse:

As for the ladies, OPP means something gifted
The first two letters are the same but the last is something different
It’s the longest, loveliest, lean– I call it the leanest
It’s another five letter word rhymin’ with cleanest and meanest
I won’t get into that, I’ll do it…ah…sorta properly
I say the last P…hmmm…stands for property

It doesn’t stand for property.

I was listening to the radio on the way home from school when I encountered a picture-perfect example of why I bloody fucking hate terrestrial radio:  they played OPP, and they bleeped out cleanest and meanest.

They bleeped two words that rhyme with the actual name of a human body part that half of the human race has, in a song that is entirely about infidelity.

This makes sense on no levels at all, and makes me want to punch the shit out of everyone involved– like, “hit you until my hands break off at the wrists” level of pummeling.  I goddamn hate bleeped songs.  I feel like if you think as a corporate entity that you need to bleep part of a song you shouldn’t be playing it at all.  Ideas are more dangerous than words, you stupid dumbasses.  But this is a new level of stupid– even if I was willing to entertain the suggestion that the word “penis” needed to be sanitized from the airwaves, the suggestion that words that rhyme with penis should also be sanitized is so damn dumb that I’m literally in pain right now while I’m complaining about it.

Stop making me use italics, U93.  I fucking hate you.

New item!  I bring in the mail when I got home, and there was a flyer from our new wingnut Congresscritter in it.  Jackie Walorski is enough of a discredit to humanity that I’m not even terribly interested in describing why; she won her last election largely on the backs of 1) redistricting; 2) the incumbent deciding to run (successfully) for the Senate; and 3) disgusting, pathetic accusations of carpetbagging against her opponent, who grew up here (I went to high school with him) and then moved from the area to go fight in Iraq and start a veteran’s charity in DC.  It was literally true that he hadn’t lived in the area for several years, but his family still lived here and he spent the majority of his time gone on active duty and fighting in a foreign country.  Even if I wasn’t against her politics– and believe me, I am– I’d think she was scum for that.

Which made it interesting to me that most of the flyer– the bit that wasn’t a slanted short questionnaire– was all about trumpeting her bill extending whistleblower protections to sexual assault victims in the military.  Protecting rape victims isn’t generally something that Republicans are big on.  Crowing about having done so isn’t either.  Which leaves me to wonder if a) she’s trying to moderate herself a bit; b) she actually is more moderate than I’d thought; c) she’s just trying to look more moderate; or d) this is an interesting bit of microtargeting– since the flyer in question was addressed to my wife, and there wasn’t one in the mail for me.  Generally when we get these sorts of things (and they come frequently enough) there’s either one of them for each of us or it’s just addressed to the household and not to either of us specifically.  This one just had my wife’s name on it.


Last but not least:  I just got into an interesting discussion on Facebook about Mike Krahulik’s latest bit of dumbassery.  (Be aware: if you don’t know who Mike Krahulik is, you probably ought not to read this part, as I don’t intend to provide a lot of context.)  The person who started the thread was saying that he was done with Penny Arcade on account of not being able to support Mike’s actions any longer, and while I agree with him that the man has gotten incredibly tiresome in a lot of ways I’m not able to pull the trigger on that just yet.  Which got me wondering about exactly what gets me to cut something I enjoyed out of my life on account of not agreeing with its behavior.  I can think of four examples:  Mel Gibson, Orson Scott Card, Dan Simmons, and Chik-Fil-A.  In each of the four cases, I have previously really enjoyed their work (or their chicken; I hate Chik-Fil-A as a corporation but I will fight you if you denigrate their chicken.  We can hate them for their politics but let’s not get stupid here) and am no longer willing to support them in any way because of their beliefs and/or behaviors.  I kinda want to include Tom Cruise in here, too, but I was never really a fan of his so it’s not quite the same thing.

I guess the difference is hatred.  Mel Gibson hates everybody.  Card and Simmons and Chik-Fil-A are open in their hatred of gay people.  I don’t think Mike Krahulik hates anybody.  I just think he’s a sheltered geek with a short fuse, and spouting his mouth off about shit he knows nothing about frequently gets him in trouble– but I don’t think he hates anybody and I don’t think he’s trying to be an asshole most of the time.  My Facebook friend made a good point that once you’re past a certain age you either need to get better about things or own your own bullshit, and he’s right about that– but at the same time I’ve fucked up in my own personal feminism in who knows how many different ways, so I’m not always inclined to jump down the throat of somebody who seems to be trying to get better about sexuality and gender issues.  I’m just not sure how much more slack I’m willing to cut the guy if he’s not smart enough to figure out that “never talk about this shit extemporaneously, and have someone smarter than me read over my shoulder whenever I talk about it in print” is a sound policy.

Within minutes, a link to this article appears in my inbox.  For those of you too lazy to click, it’s about how Not Intending To Do That appears to be a magical fucking power that not only insulates the Unintender from owning the negative results of their actions but causes others to defend them as well.  It’s… right.  It also includes the word “kyriarchy,” which means something bad, which is sad, because it’s a fun-sounding word and I’d like opportunities to use it in public.

Thinking about this more: the bit of me that wants to defend Mike is related to the bit of me that refuses to give up on certain kids (I can’t honestly say all of them) in my classes who are for one reason or another generally assholes but seem saveable to me.  I think Mike’s saveable.  I might be wrong, and he’s a grown-ass man with a long, long cultural reach and not a fourteen-year-old, but I think that’s another part of the difference here as to why I’m not willing to lock the door on PA just yet.

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15 thoughts on “This one has some bad words in it

  1. Re: kyriarchy. Just imagine an episode of Doctor Who that is called Kyriarchy of the Daleks, and it becomes fun again.

    Re: Kahulik. You make a good point about deciding where to draw the line on an asshole whose work you enjoy. I’m gonna have to think about that some more on my own time as I have been lucky enough so far that all of those I’ve encountered so far have been people or companies that I wasn’t that bothered about, so it was easy.

    I don’t think Krahulik was trying to be an asshole, but I don’t think he was expending any effort at all in trying *not* to be an asshole. And all his “apologies” are about him. It’s always “I said a bad thing but you have to understand its all about my issues”. As far as I am aware he has never done anything to make it right with those he’s hurt. He’s never thrown his considerable support into anything that helped rape survivors or battled transphobia. Until he puts his time/effort/money where his mouth is then his apologies are worth exactly the number of electrons required to transmit them.


  2. Thanks for that. It’s good to know. Interesting article you linked, though many of the comments make me sad.

    The writer of the article believes Krahulik is basically a good person. It’s clear he has done some mighty good things in his life, but he’s also misused his considerable power to motivate his fans to do some horrible things, or at the very least been very, very slow to tell them to knock it off. Being a good person doesn’t prevent you from doing bad things anymore than being a bad person stops you doing good things. If I’d heard about Child’s Play before I heard about Dickwolves I might be inclined to cut him a little more slack.


  3. Come to Holland, we dont bleep out anything ! People curse on TV all day long.
    ( Honestly, I wished they would bleep out stuff now and then. Anything goes gets boring fast 🙂


  4. Oh my goodness! So much rage. I don’t blame you though, you guys have so much asshattery going on in your politics I don’t know how you even function through the red mist – things are much less extreme in the UK!

    If you really do have infinite free time though, you should watch the UK’s Channel 4 documentary ‘Dispatches’ about the situation with gay people in Russia. That’ll really get your blood boiling – I’m sure somewhere Stateside will stream it.


  5. Oh my god, I’d be raging at it too.

    I make an actual effort not to swear around people unless I know they’re all right with it, and have had people try to chastise me for saying “boogers.”

    My response: “If you think ‘boogers’ is a dirty word, be glad I didn’t say what I was really thinking.”


  6. Nice one. I like (and mostly agree) with many of your arguments. Also, a little cussing is perfectly acceptable if it’s in a good cause. Gratuitous cursing with no justification… annoys me. 🙂

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m just getting started and enjoying myself so far. It really helps to know someone else might be interested.


  7. My God! if they bleeped those words out, I wonder what they’d have made of our Army/rugby songs back in the day! Even my mother laughs at those and she’s no fan of bad language – just the words are really funny 😉


  8. My mother once told me that if I were a real environmentalist, I wouldn’t swear so much because I was creating air pollution. She just doesn’t get how right those words can feel coming out of your mouth sometimes. Thanks for liking my post so I could find yours.


  9. Yeah funny.Its the word fuck that gets me, don’t know where people think they came from or there’s been more immaculate conceptions than I’d guess.
    Thanks for liking my post as well


  10. […] This one has some bad words in it: September 5, 2013, 852 hits.  The third and final 2013-blew-up-in-2014 post; I got this one linked prominently in the comment thread on a Scalzi post, and it got a lot of attention.  I’m not entirely sure it deserves to be here; it just happened to have a section that was perfectly relevant to the conversation going on over at his place, so I linked and got lucky. […]


  11. New comment, old article. Sorry if this is a bit too far back in time, but I’ve had similar thoughts about authors (Card in particular; I was unaware Simmons held similar sentiments).

    I still like Card’s work, even knowing (and long ago having read) some of his views on homosexuality. I think he wrote something that is better than him, and will be remembered long after he’s forgotten. Card’s opinion on homosexuality only embarrasses him more because he clearly doesn’t understand his own books. Which is weird, but not unheard of.

    As for Krahulik… man, I feel you on trying to like PA these days (or those days, or whenever). Whatever the reasons for it (and I’m sure I could think up a dozen excuses, and that would be a bad idea), when they fuck up they fuck up hard. But unlike some of the others (like Card) they never seem to stay stuck in a rut of thinking. They might not understand why they’re wrong, or how to fix it, but as someone who still doesn’t understand why he’s wrong about stuff (but tries to think it through) or how to fix it, I can forgive that. What seems unforgivable is refusing to think and refusing to admit if I hurt someone (which is one reason the word “butthurt” enrages me). And they do apologize and try to do better, I think.


    1. Yeah, I basically agree with all of that. They need to have a sign on the wall in their office that says “IT HAS BEEN XXX DAYS SINCE PENNY ARCADE DID SOMETHING STUPID,” but the numbers on that sign have been getting larger and larger lately.

      And no worries on the old reply.


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