So, that fellowship…

That’s actually happening, by the way– or, at least, the writing of the proposal part of it.  I’m going to propose that they fund the following:  1) Attendance at a (week or so long) writer’s conference of some sort, preferably somewhere in Chicago or similarly nearby; 2) self-publication of my novel Skylights, and 3) Keeping me from having to work for a few weeks in the summer to work on another novel.

I need to emphasize that regardless of how ridiculous this might sound this is actually the type of thing that they seem to fund.  Like, I’m already talking to people about cover art for the book.  It’s premature as hell, obviously, but I need line items for the budget.


(Also: yesterday was my 100th post.  Weird.)

More later, possibly, as I’m expecting work to be dead due to Notre Dame’s first home game being this afternoon.

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