The View from my Hotel Window: Lake Zurich, IL

Not too bad. I’m TIRED.

The view from my hotel window: South Bend, IN

It ain’t much, and it’s mostly my reflection, but the room has wi-fi and heat, neither of which my actual house has, nor will it until late tomorrow morning at the earliest and possibly not until Monday afternoon.

So. Here we are.


Okay normally I post a hotel window view picture but HOW IS THIS A HALLWAY

The view from my (new) hotel window: Kokomo, IN!

Tomorrow! 10-5! Kokomo Event and Conference Center, booth #44! Come say hi!

Also, nice view.

HELLO, KOKOMO: The View from the Couch in the Living Room

I was not expecting an actual suite.  I not only got that, there’s a balcony!

Also, I’m in Booth 82.  Last-minute change.