The view from my (new) hotel window: Kokomo, IN!

Tomorrow! 10-5! Kokomo Event and Conference Center, booth #44! Come say hi!

Also, nice view.

HELLO, KOKOMO: The View from the Couch in the Living Room

I was not expecting an actual suite.  I not only got that, there’s a balcony!

Also, I’m in Booth 82.  Last-minute change.

The View from my Hotel Window: Denver edition


Well, la-di-fuckin’-da, Denver.  I’m not even convinced you exist yet.  On the plus side I’m apparently already The Guy Who Brought Painkillers, so everyone is coming to me for help since the air here isn’t fit for humans to breathe.

Dinner had better be delicious.  I have been up since 5 am and it’s 7:48 my body’s time.  I require something heavily potato- and beef-based, dammit.


Where is my tuxedo? A hundred miles away.  Because of course it is.
The view ain’t bad, though.

View from our hotel room

…uninspiring.  The marina is on the other side.   

This kinda makes up for it: