View from My Hotel Window: South Bend, IN

Why, you might ask, do I have a hotel room in the town I actually live in?

Because I have been sick and gross for two days, and our hot water heater shit the bed on Saturday. I determined today that I do not actually possess the necessary willpower to take an ice-cold shower and I am gross as hell right now.

So did I get a hotel room just to have somewhere to take a hot shower? Yes. Yes, I did. I considered asking my dad for shelter but I want to come back here before work tomorrow to shower again, and his place is too far out of the way to make that work, whereas the hotel is literally three minutes from my front door.

We do not, to be clear, intend to sleep here tonight. I have paid to rent the bathroom, basically. I don’t care about the beds.

This is, in fact, the entire reason I have a savings account. To deal with bullshit when it happens. And bullshit has been dealt with.

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Luther M. Siler

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