So much for that

Less than 24 hours elapsed between me telling the Internet that I Had a Plan for next year and that plan falling completely apart. You may consider any optimism expressed in yesterday’s post to be fully null and void. This has been another week of no prep periods; our science teacher has been out all week and I’ve picked up her 7th and 8th hours every day this week, a feat I will not be repeating tomorrow as this has meant that I’ve had to spend three periods a day for most of a week with certain of my lovelies and I have had more than enough of them for a little while. Two more weeks until Spring Break. I can do this.


(eats dinner)

(returns, stares)

I clearly need to start reading books faster or reviewing music or something, because I have been shit for useful content around here lately. I was expecting Elden Ring to eat my life and so far that has performed entirely according to expectations, but the fact that I’m sitting here racking my brain and I can’t even come up with a vaguely entertaining story to tell about the last few days is kind of telling. “Tired” is like 90% of my personality nowadays apparently; the rest is comic books, video games and toys.

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