In which I’ve had enough, again

I walked out of work today.

Called the office, told them they needed to put someone in my classroom, and as soon as that person showed up, put my coat on, went down to the office, filled out the paperwork for a personal day, and left.

I’m not fired, and I haven’t quit, but my timeline for a new job has moved up from “sometime before August” to “by Spring Break if at all humanly possible,” because I can’t take this shit any longer. I’ve had enough of these ignorant-ass, rude-ass children and their fucknut unconcerned parents to last a lifetime and I don’t have any intention of giving them any more chances. Fuck it. Most of my kids have not a shred of interest in receiving any sort of education and the state of Indiana doesn’t want me teaching them anyway, so everybody’s going to get what they want, and good luck with whatever future that brings them. I’m out. I’m done. This is not my problem any longer.

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