Snowpidemic 2022

The new snowblower proved its worth; that’s six or seven inches of pretty heavy snow and I took care of it in maybe fifteen minutes of work. That said, that fifteen minutes pretty much wiped out the battery, so I think investing in a second for backup is probably a good idea. I’ll go out at least once more today before it gets dark and do it again and probably broaden the cleared area by a couple more feet; we had a plow come through and hit the cul-de-sac once so there will probably be another berm to remove by the end of the day too.

School has already been cancelled for tomorrow and I fully expect to lose Friday as well, since it’s going to keep snowing through late Thursday and there won’t be time to sufficiently clear side roads and parking lots of this volume of snow before Friday morning, plus the temperature is expected to plummet again. I could use a five-day weekend to start February off, frankly.

At least it’s pretty.

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