Sky go boom

Nothing too terrifying at the moment, but the FutureTrack has that bleb in the corner moving northeast and toward us, and after about 6:45 has us under red or orange for most of the evening. So I’m tossing up a quick note now because if I don’t the power is guaranteed to go out.

WordPress is showing signs of “improving” their editor again, too, so not only will the power go out but this is not going to look right somehow. I’m also psyched about that.

… and, 20 minutes of staring at the screen later, apparently not much happened today. I continue to be pleased with how the school year is going, so it’s absolutely time to rearrange everything again and see if I can wreck it all.

More later. I can’t tell if that’s a tornado siren going off or if someone is using a leaf blower during a rainstorm for some reason, and I feel like I ought to go find out.

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6 thoughts on “Sky go boom

    1. Working from home last year was wild, because it meant I was always home when the sirens went off at 11:30 on the first Thursday of every month and got to panic for a few seconds. (Also, it was a leaf blower.)

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      1. Ha, I know, right? Couple that with all the earthquakes (which at first I thought was another apartment resident slamming a door really, REALLY hard) and it did get a little spooky!


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