Still fiddling with themes

It might be that I need to go back to Lovecraft (the theme I’ve been using for the last couple of years) and just dig into learning how to customize it a bit more, because my favorite thing about the old theme was the huge header image that scaled with the width of the window, and I can’t find another one that works the same way. That said, I like the way this puts post information off to the left rather than underneath it, and if this works the way I think it should the image below will also spill off to the left:

I like the look of that a *lot*.

I did also figure out how to fix the links up top, and that knowledge should work for whatever theme I choose, so that won’t be an issue any longer. We’ll continue to mess around with it before I settle on something that will stick around for a while.

EDIT: This one’s dead boring on mobile. If I could finagle blowing up that top image (the cover of BA 1) and putting it behind the text, that would really help. There’s probably a way to do it.

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