Okay, I’m done now

I think this is the actual final decision, barring some very minor font and color tweaks. I like how it looks on mobile, I like the big header image (I’m losing the rotation, but that’s okay,) I like the floating social media links on the left even if it doesn’t display icons for Goodreads and Patreon correctly, and I like the way the site title and sub-pages look.

There is still probably one more actual post coming tonight– I need to get moving on my end-of-year stuff– but I think I’m done with wholesale site changes for the time being.

Still fiddling with themes

It might be that I need to go back to Lovecraft (the theme I’ve been using for the last couple of years) and just dig into learning how to customize it a bit more, because my favorite thing about the old theme was the huge header image that scaled with the width of the window, and I can’t find another one that works the same way. That said, I like the way this puts post information off to the left rather than underneath it, and if this works the way I think it should the image below will also spill off to the left:

I like the look of that a *lot*.

I did also figure out how to fix the links up top, and that knowledge should work for whatever theme I choose, so that won’t be an issue any longer. We’ll continue to mess around with it before I settle on something that will stick around for a while.

EDIT: This one’s dead boring on mobile. If I could finagle blowing up that top image (the cover of BA 1) and putting it behind the text, that would really help. There’s probably a way to do it.

I don’t hate this

Thoughts? I know the subpages in the upper right corner is messed up, and I haven’t looked at the site on a phone or a table yet, but what do we think of the general look?

Also, I upgraded my internet speed, my modem, and my router today without killing anyone or even swearing all that much.


How’s the header look?  Would it look better if I shrunk the letters a bit and maybe moved them off to the side?  I’ve not been selling any books lately, but I’m continuing to add new subscribers on a daily basis, so I feel like I need something to make it clear to people that– hey, look, a book!  From me!  That you can buy!

(Just after posting this, I discover how to stick the clickable image over to the right, and now I’m thinking both is probably overkill.  I’m leaving them both up for right now, though, to see what y’all have to say.)

Anyway, suggestions actively solicited.