Mark Oshiro reads THE CONTRACT

I am running out of ways to introduce these, as there’s only so many ways I can say “God, it’s amazing to watch someone else read your book and react live, and I’m so happy he seems to be enjoying it.” I absolutely cannot wait for him to read the story that ends the book. Absolutely. Cannot. Wait.

(Also: my next book to read is one of Mark’s. I’m psyched.)

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One thought on “Mark Oshiro reads THE CONTRACT

  1. Happy for you!

    You might like to know that I have just finished the the Isaacson biography of Leonardo and (apart from the aching arms) it is all you promised. Isaacson’s deliberate entry into Leonardo’s ways of seeing was delightful, and most of what I knew about the man was either thin or wrong. As a sculptor my go-to teenage guru had been Michelangelo, but reading this I realise that Leonardo should have been my idol. Curiosity has been the watchword of my life and I have spent much of it being frowned on by relatives for the crime of being a ‘perpetual student’. I have never been able to see the divisions between the arts and sciences. Thank you.


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