Some mini-updates

Nothing major going on today, but a few little bits and bobs to tell you about:

  • I just had a conversation with my wife about my vision. Short version: anything within about four or five feet is awesome. Beyond that things get blurry. Now, that’s a huge improvement to my previous “anything within eighteen inches is awesome” visual acuity, and I assume it’ll get better, but I’m doing this ridiculous thing where I can’t remember what, say, looking at the titles of all my books from my recliner used to look like, and it’s not like I can put my glasses back on to compare, now, is it? Tonight is the last night with the damn eye shields and man, am I excited about that.
  • Ghost of Tsushima is the new hotness around here; I played the first couple-three hours today, and before anything else it is abundantly clear that this is easily the most breathtakingly beautiful game I’ve ever played. That record was previously held by Horizon: Zero Dawn, I think, and Tsushima just blows that to hell. My jaw is hanging open half the time I’m playing it. My video games started with Pong, y’all. This is just unreal.
  • Second new record for Covid cases nationwide in two days today. In about ten minutes there’s a hastily-called Zoom meeting with two of the members of the school board; I’ll be attending. I emailed the superintendent and the entire board earlier this week about my concerns and didn’t use the word “motherfucker” once, so we’ll see how I do in a live meeting.
  • I rewired the lamp out by our driveway yesterday, something I’ve had on the “get to this eventually” list for years, so naturally we’re now thinking we should go get an entirely new lamp that uses solar energy. Either way, tomorrow I’m painting the post, I think.
  • I’ve not been reading a lot lately because it makes my eyes tired, but C.T. Rwizi’s Scarlet Odyssey is absolutely Goddamned amazing, one of the best books of the year, to the point where the sequel isn’t out until halfway through next year and I’ve still got 200 pages left in the book and I might pre-order it anyway. I’m hoping to finish it in the next day or two but I really haven’t been able to read as much as I usually do since the surgery, so we’ll see.

What’s up in your neck of the woods?

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