In which I let the hivemind decide

Six years ago I watched a certain movie and had some opinions about it. I, as I am occasionally known to do, put those opinions on the interwebs for other humans to see. That post is still the number one Google result if you search for the words “Snowpiercer stupid,” and is, somehow, still my highest-traffic regular post on a day-to-day basis:

You may be aware that they have decided to make a television program out of this very silly movie, and that that television program is currently airing, which is responsible for the current surge in pageviews– the post never died; there has been one day since 2015 where it didn’t get any views at all– but I’m not used to it being back up to having three-figure days again.

So here’s the question: do I watch the show? I’m not actually interested in watching the show, but I’m willing to do it for science, if the Internet wants me to.

So, uh, let me know?

3:54 PM, Wednesday May 20: 1,539,633 confirmed cases and 92,712 American deaths.

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9 thoughts on “In which I let the hivemind decide

  1. The Internet wants you to. My evergreen post is evergreen because people really think Gary Jules is Michael Stipe.

    But yeah, you pretty much need to watch the show. For science. For the Internet. For all of us.

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  2. If you want fuel for more posts, watch the show. Or just watch the first episode and then decide if you want to watch more stupid.


  3. I’m very intrigued by the show and plan to watch it, if I can do so without giving Amazon money. Not because I liked the movie – I felt differently about it than you did, but I’m not sure a word like “liked” is really germane – but because the original idea has such potential and the cast looks great and I’m curious to see what if anything they bring back from the graphic novel and it will probably be weird as f*ck and I’m here for that. 🙂

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