Blogwanking, 2019

The short version of this entire post: basically everything is down slightly from last year, but not shockingly so; I’m still getting far more eyeballs on this site than actually makes any sense to me at all, so I can’t really complain about it, because Jesus, people are actually paying attention to my nonsense?

Yeah, turns out they are.

Posting frequency was up from last year, which was up from the year before it, but engagement is continuing to drop. I’d like to find a way to drive more comments, definitely, and more likes would always be nice, but I’m not sure what the best way to do that is. I keep hearing that blogs are dead; needless to say, this one ain’t going anywhere; while I’d like to more engagement, I’m not gonna shut up or anything if my numbers keep falling.

Geography’s always fun. This is 2019 specifically:

And this is the entire life of the blog:

Basically at this point I only have a few types of countries left: totalitarian dictatorships (North Korea), a few tiny islands, and places where there is either very little infrastructure or very few people or both. I keep hoping to get a hit from Svalbard Island and so far it hasn’t happened yet. That little hole in Europe is still Kosovo; I refuse to believe I have never had traffic from Kosovo in six years and am blaming something wonky about the way WordPress handles geography.

The overall top 10 posts are the same ones they always are, basically; I’m at the point where my “back catalogue,” so to speak, is definitely driving most of the site’s traffic. This is an image, and isn’t clickable:

The Snowpiercer post just refuses to die, although it did have one (1) day this year where it got zero hits, which very well might be the first time that has ever happened. Supposedly the TV show is launching soon, so this will never, ever end. I feel bad about the weird popularity of that Tana French post, too; it’s literally the only thing she ever wrote that I didn’t like and I reviewed a bunch of her other books, so it sort of feels unfair to me. I love you, Tana! I swear!

Top 10 posts written in 2019, and these are clickable if you like:

Most of those make some sense, I suppose; the “dress for success” post is a bit inexplicable but the rest of them are either all hashtagged, of inherent interest to a substantial group of other people, promoted by outside sources (the two book reviews were both posts where publicists sent me the book) or, well, kind of important (the last post).

How did your blog do last year? (If you don’t have one, start, dammit!)

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4 thoughts on “Blogwanking, 2019

  1. Thanks for sharing your stats. I like to do the same, and it’s cool to see how other blogs are doing.

    I’ve basically hovered around 0.5 comments/post for six years, and it’s been tough to drive engagement recently. When I blog about the writing process, I try to end with a question… “How do you handle/feel about x, dear readers?” But it basically never works.

    Looking back, 2016 was my best year for comments, when I was consistently interacting with a couple of authors I met through blogging. We commented a lot on each other’s blogs, and that seemed to drive ongoing conversations about writing across our posts.


  2. So… first comment ever: I’m drawn to your site for the glimpse of life you share. I know “authentic” was the word a few years ago and it’s probably not a thing anymore — but tough toenails— it’s what we crave. I’m not a sci fi fan at ALL I’m an educator and always keeping an eye out for depression – so that’s why I’m here

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  3. I comment and press the like button less frequently than I probably would if I didn’t mostly read blogs on my phone. My phone isn’t linked to wp in any way, and I can’t be arsed to faff with it to get it to do it because it would probably mean getting another power hungry app.
    I mention this because I wonder if that’s why engagement is down, as more people read things on their phones, if they have to make several extra steps to remember passwords, they might not.
    Reading your blog has basically become a habit for me though. Of all the habits I thought I’d form last year, this was not one of them 😀


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