Monthly Reads: July 2019

Book of the Month: Wanderers, by Chuck Wendig, but that entire bottom four are all fantastic books, and I’m pretty sure Jade War would have been BotM had I managed to finish it in July. Jade City isn’t eligible on account of being a reread, but I’ve already said how much I liked that one.

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  1. I’m up to my ears in “Jade War” right now. It’s amazing.

    Author Fonda Lee is a local here in the PNW. I first heard her speak at OryCon (our own little SFF literary con) two years ago, when she described her upcoming book as “‘The Godfather’ with magic and kung fu.” This year she’s the author guest of honor. She’s wonderfully articulate, down to earth, and knowledgeable on character development, world building, believable magic, diversity – all my favorite things. 🙂

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