#MyFave4GamesEVER, overkill edition

So there’s a hashtag trending on Twitter right now. And I can’t do it. Four games? FOUR GAMES?? I’m fucking 43 on Friday and I’ve been playing video games since I was sentient. That’s impossible. So, yeah, pick four of these, literally uploaded in random order and probably presented that way as well. I am also absolutely 100% certain that I’m forgetting several important ones. There are stories behind a couple of them; I may add some details later:

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2 thoughts on “#MyFave4GamesEVER, overkill edition

  1. Huh. All I have are variations on Caesar III and IV and some other troll-like war strategy game, name of which I forget, maybe Age of Empires or sommat. And candy crush, I guess. I’m a terrible FPS player, hate killing things.

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