In which I need you to share my excitement

$Okay.  I need y’all either to actually be comics fans or at least be willing to pretend to be on my behalf for this post.  You can do that, right?  Yes?  Good.

Miles Morales, in the seven years since he was first introduced, has become one of my favorite comic book characters.  He’s up there with Iron Man, the Hulk, and Superman at this point.  And when Brian Michael Bendis left Marvel and Miles didn’t immediately have a new series on the docket, I was genuinely worried.  There was talk that the character was going to be renamed or reimagined; there was an especially gross rumor going around, one that was so bad that I actually wasn’t able to just dismiss it out of hand, that the character would be joining SHIELD and would henceforth be known as “Spy-D,” which would have meant I needed to go out and set things on fire, and that no court would have convicted me, because setting things on fire is a reasonable reaction to Marvel deciding that Miles Morales isn’t Spider-Man anymore and he has to be “Spy-D” now.

Saladin Ahmed just announced on Twitter that he’s writing the new Miles Morales book.  Which is called “Miles Morales: Spider-Man.”

One of my favorite fucking writers is writing an ongoing series about one of my favorite fucking characters.

It was already a good day, guys.  I was gonna come home and write a post about how I spent all day today and most of yesterday interacting with nice kids and it was something I really needed and I was in general happy and in a good place.  And that’s before I got this awesome fucking news.


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