In which I get what I asked for

85792b8c-ce6f-4e36-872e-f4ba2d8afdd8I realized after dropping the boy off at day care this morning that today was another “last time” sort of day– and that this time, having finally gotten my weekends back like I’ve wanted for two years, I was about to experience my last Day Off To Myself.  I am willing to embrace this small bit of hypocrisy; I want to both have my weekends off to spend them with my family and to have days off where I can do what I did today, which is laze about and play Dark Souls 3 all goddamn day, and by “all goddamn day” you need to understand that I mean all goddamn day.

I have been playing the hell out of the Dark Souls series lately– I own all three, or four, or five games in the family depending on where you slot Bloodborne and Nioh, and until beating Dark Souls Remastered several weeks ago the only one of them that I’d beaten was Nioh.  I took Bloodborne out last week sometime, beating it a full three years after buying it, and I’m replaying through DS3 right now.  I’m not at the point yet where I’m hitting bosses I couldn’t beat on my first playthrough, but I’m getting close.  After that I’ll play through Dark Souls 2 again and, hopefully, beat that as well, and then…

well, hell, that’s where my Future Planning about Vidya Gaemz runs out, but given that I don’t have all day Thursday and Friday to play video games any longer this plan is probably gonna be good at least until Thanksgiving.  Surely I’ll have something else I want to play by that time.

My wife and I have all sorts of plans for the next couple of days, ranging from general housekeeping sorts of stuff to a birthday party to a trip to the zoo.  I’ve got two full days of family stuff, and then two days of meetings for school.  At some point in there, I’ll be working on fiction stuff and readying at least one cool thing for the blog that got an early look over on Patreon.  Which you can see right now, if you like, for just a dollar a month.

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