An update to the impossible

You may recall this recent post, where I revealed the existence of my new electrical powers.  I am … well, not proud, really, more confused— to announce that not only have I continued to shock myself on that goddamn piece of furniture (and nothing else in the store) but that I managed to deliver an electrical shock to a customer today by handing him an invoice.  The shock traveled over the piece of paper; our hands did not touch.

I am terrified to touch one of our power sofas, which actually do run on electricity.  I’m starting to think I might die if I do.

Five days since the tooth removal, and I’ve still had barely a second of pain at any point, which blows my mind.  I just said this in a comment a month ago, but if dental surgery had always been this easy, no one would be afraid of going to the dentist.  I’m blown away at how lucky I got.

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3 thoughts on “An update to the impossible

  1. Now I’m reminded of the “Family Guy” episode with the footie pajamas, where Peter told Lois that he thought he might be Jesus. He spent much of the episode wearing a blanket cape, giggling, and zapping people.

    Use your powers for good, my friend.


  2. I have spent more time than I care to admit trying to figure out how to write out Peter’s weird little giggle in normal English letters and I am not able to do so.



  3. Congrats on your continuing pain free toothlessness.

    So, you gonna have a superhero name now? … like Captain Zapp, or Luther ‘Letric, or … c’mon people, help me out here. 🙂


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