Okay I like this one

I’ve been kinda lethargic and sick-ish all day, and had actually been in bed for about an hour and a half before dragging myself out to draw a picture.  I’d previously figured oh to hell with it I’ll do two tomorrow and then got up anyway.  This happened; I like it enough to share it:


Important fact: everything I’ve drawn so far has had a reference to it, either a .jpg I Googled somewhere or a photo reference or a still life object on my desk or something.  I actually grabbed this from a coloring book website.  I’ll let you know when I start doing genuinely original stuff.  🙂

(Also: added an “Art” category, the first new category I’ve added to the blog in years.)

3 thoughts on “Okay I like this one

  1. I was sick in bed all day, covered by by German shepherd and my cousin’s beagle, whom I’ve adopted. Somehow, the worst of what I thought was going to be a very bad day never came. The healing power of dogs. And foxes. Very well done, Luther. I’m glad you drew and shared it!


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