On letting idiots make decisions for me


Perhaps the sound of a million baby-men all wailing at once alerted you; there is to be a new Doctor Who, or maybe a new Doctor, hell, I don’t watch the show, I don’t think “Doctor Who” is actually the character’s name, but maybe it is– and at any rate, the Doctor is to be played by a Person of Feminine Aspect, a Vagina-Haver, a Breasted-American, except she’s not American and Breasted-Brit sounds like some sort of snack food.  A girl!  Playing a character who used to be played by a man with a penis!

I assume Peter Capaldi has a penis. And all the others, whatever their names are.  Steve or James or Bonbon or something else British.  I’m only assuming they all had penises.  I’ve never seen any of their penises.  But apparently they were really important to all this Time Lord business.

So, yeah, there’s a girl in a show now and oh so many judgment-challenged sillymen are oh so very upset.  And here’s the thing: I’ve kinda been jonesing for a new Nerd Thing lately that I could pay attention to?  I’m tired of Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones has worn very very thin and I was never into the TV series anyway, and I’m not actually certain that the new Star Trek is actually watchable by regular people who don’t have some sort of arcane CBS subscription that I refuse to find out anything about.  But I can watch this new Doctor Who thing, right?  And knowing that me watching it is a tiny thorn in the ample sides of some very horrible people brings me pleasure, so there’s that.

I have actually tried to get into Doctor Who on a few occasions and failed.  With the notable exception of Monty Python, British entertainment does tend to bounce off of me a bit, and every previous episode of the program I’ve tried to watch really didn’t get anywhere with me.  But for some reason I downloaded the two-part season finale of Season 10, which was Capaldi’s final season (although I understand there’s some sort of Christmas special thing coming, where he’ll actually end his run?) and damn if I wasn’t well and hooked despite not really having the vaguest idea what the fuck was going on or who any of the non-Capaldi characters were.  The Cybermen should have been Power Rangers-level cheesy nonsense but somehow they worked, and I was suitably creeped out by them.

And so: I shall be partaking of this new LadyWho person, and hopefully I will enjoy it.  And if not, meh.  At least I annoyed some idiots.  That’s always worth something, right?

PS: Is “Dr. Who” some sort of faux pas?  I keep wanting to spell it that way and changing it back to eliminate the abbreviation.  Is it like Spider-Man, where if you don’t include the hyphen you die in seven days?

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11 thoughts on “On letting idiots make decisions for me

  1. Hehehe I watched DW (as I refer to it) back when it was Christopher Eccleston (9th Doctor, only one season) and then David Tennant (10th Doctor). I cried when Ten regenerated and became Matt Smith and stopped watching after half that next season (season 6 I think… never started 6.5) because he just annoyed me.

    I never watched any of the Capaldi’s episodes because I was over the whole thing by then but I was happily surprised they’d picked a woman. Watched in dismay at all the male tears that ensued, shaking my head…
    I don’t know if I’ll get back into watching DW but I think it’s a good idea to shake up things. I remember people being up in arms when Capaldi was cast, he was too old, too tall, too something.

    Haters gonna hate, no matter what, right?

    I’ll shut up now, just read the Firefly comic that’s the sequel to the movie so imma go watch me some Mal Reynolds.

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  2. A lot of people skip the 9th Doctor, but Chris Eccleston really set the groundwork for Doctors 10-12. David Tennant was GENIUS, and is definitely my Doctor. Matt Smith’s reign had a lot of really incredible story arcs that if you only caught an episode or two, you were missing a lot. Capaldi has been my least favorite so far, and I’m happy to see him go. I just never connected, although I really enjoyed Pearl Mackey as Bill. YES, come to the Whovian side, we have Sonic Screwdrivers! ;). Seriously though, I definitely recommend getting into the show. A few tips: He/She (so excited to say that now) is called The Doctor, and the running joke is “Doctor Who???”. We will never know his name. Also, Dr. Who is just weird, I’d stick with the full name or DW for short. 🙂

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  3. Don’t really understand the concern. The Doctor, from the bits of the show I have seen, is a kind of weird genius alien who travels through space and time. So his or her gender seems immaterial to the quality of the series. I might care if I were a real fan of the show but somehow I doubt that.

    I suppose people need some new gender-battle to fight related to entertainment media now that everyone’s forgotten about that Ghostbusters remake. Even Anita Sarkeesian and Brianma Wu have become old hat.

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  4. The other thing is that they clearly established in-universe that it isn’t uncommon for time lords to flip their gender when they regenerate–there are other time lords who have done this. I believe it’s mentioned in the episode The Doctor’s Wife (written by Neil Gaiman, btw). So the whole outrage thing is quite ridiculous even on a nit-pick level.


    1. I actually managed to completely miss all of that; I know nothing at all about the original BSG and saw maybe the first season or two of nu-BSG before losing interest in it. Starbuck was my favorite part of the show, though.


  5. You’ll be probably not massively surprised to hear that the right-wing tabloid press over here in the UK – the comments section of which is a hang-out for many of the aforementioned baby-men – got very hot under the collar about all this.

    So hot under the collar, in fact, that they were compelled to produce several features about the new Doctor, all of which contained a level of innuendo that the Carry On films might have rejected for being too crass!

    They’re a classy bunch.

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  6. You have it right, the character is ‘the Doctor’ and the show is ‘Doctor Who’. Some people seem to think this is important.

    I’ve been watching the show since episode 1 and I’m delighted to see a woman playing the character.


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