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I haven’t been getting a ton of comments lately, so I’m kinda hoping everybody pitches in for this one, since as an atheist I’m not really qualified to comment on it.  Help me out, I’m confused.

A spot of context, in case you don’t recall: the local AAA baseball team is the South Bend Cubs.  I have been to a couple of games but I can’t name a single player.  (Actually, I can’t name a single active baseball player at any level, but that’s not entirely relevant.)

There is a church near my home that I drive by every day on my way to and from work.  Hell, it’s on a main thoroughfare, so I probably drive past it something like 70% of the time I leave my house.  And there’s a big sign out in front of the church– wood, attached to what appear to be 12 x 12 beams, so they intend for it to be at least semi permanent– that declares the place the “church home” of the South Bend Cubs, including using their logo, which something makes me doubt they got permission for.  The sign specifically names two players and their numbers; I don’t know if any more than those two attend that church and I’m not sure that two players really constitute an official team endorsement either.

So here’s the question: there have to be some at least moderately religious people who read this blog.  Assuming you were already Catholic, is there any universe where this sort of “rub elbows with very minor local celebrities” advertisement might entice you to check a church out?  And, as a secondary question, am I right in feeling that calling these two players out and yelling HEY THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN FIND THESE GUYS ON SUNDAY MORNING to literally everyone who drives by is kind of rude?

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  1. I would think it was more of their way to show their pride for those congregation members than to try to convince more people to come to their church. I mean, maybe, they think it might be an added benefit, but it’s probably more like those “My Child is an Honor Student at So-and-So School” or the “Home of Governor John Engler!” sign at the outskirts of the tiny farming village where I grew up. Probably no one who doesn’t already live in the area ever passes through Beal City, so the only people who see that sign are people who already know John, but it’s still there because it’s something cool about the village that makes them a little bit special. It probably makes the players feel pretty good and supported by their church and a way of uplifting their community. “We think this is cool that they’re our church members, and we want to tell anyone who’ll listen…even if the only people who are listening are the people already here” kind of thing.


  2. Um…no, this feels skeezy to me. I keep a Catholic-informed religious practice, and would think it’s both rude and weirdly “desperate for attention/church attendance.” Like, attending Mass isn’t supposed to be about socializing or meeting (even minor local) celebrities.

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