Briefly: This Is Who They Are


Let’s be real: you hadn’t heard of this derplord two weeks ago, and neither had I.  And as an experiment, I’m going to be a bit of a dick and not use his name in this post– mostly to see if I can remember who the hell he is or what outrage against decent people he perpetrated when I inevitably go back to look at this post a couple of months or years from now.  I haven’t been able to independently verify this, but I’m seeing on Twitter that the vote total on Election Day was more in his favor than the early vote.  Meaning that Montanans saw this fucker assault a reporter and went “Yep, that’s the guy I want representing me.”

Remember that.  This is who they are.  This is who they have always been.  Beating up a reporter now GAINS you Republican votes.  He will not be the last one, and the next one will do it as a matter of strategy, not unchecked id.

(That said, I can’t get too het up about anybody deciding they didn’t want to vote for this dude, who sounds like a mess as a candidate also.  But at least he’s not a thug.)

And then there’s this pigfucker:


There’s some yammering going around about how the toy medals on this idiot’s jacket are “stolen valor,” which is an accusation that has a very specific meaning: that he’s wearing military medals that he didn’t earn.  That’s not quite what’s going on.  David Duke Clarke has not claimed to be in the military and doesn’t claim to be wearing military medals.  The shit’s literally costume jewelry, for the most part, as this probably overly-literal Snopes article points out.

So, okay.  He’s not guilty of stolen valor.  But he’s for goddamn sure assuming that most people who see him in his little costume up there are going to think those are real medals and not some flair he stole from his waitress at one of those put-shit-on-the-walls restaurants.  And he’s absolutely right.  Because appearances beat out reality every single time for these fuckwits.  Truth doesn’t matter, just the appearance of it.  David Clarke wears a bunch of pretty pieces of plastic on his stupid little jacket so he must be Tough and Honorable and Real, and not a child trying to impress other children.

This is who they are.

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