An observation

evil-razor.pngIf you shave your head in a hurry while you’re getting ready for work in the morning, and then once you get to work you discover a huge patch right above your left ear which somehow you appear to have missed entirely, and since you were a couple of days behind on shaving your head anyway that patch looks like you left it there on purpose, the pocket knife that you keep with you at all times is not going to be remotely sharp enough to carefully correct the problem in the men’s room before the store opens.

I am going to start keeping a couple of cheap disposables in my car, is what I’m saying.

What stupid things did you try to do today?

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7 thoughts on “An observation

  1. Me, I tried to play an unfamiliar pinball table on the fly, instead of trapping and bringing the ball to a stop each and every shot, and that left me stuck in fifth place in the tournaments. I’ll survive, but it’s embarrassing to go five games in a row in last place.


  2. I got up at 4 am to go to a muddy field in the middle of a wood to watch Morris Men dancing in pouring rain to greet the sunrise. My (long since deceased) uncle was once a big wheel in the world and our baker (the beardy in this video, a Morris man, knew of him and suggested I go. 10 seconds of the video will prove how stupid this is.


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