I’m not dead yet

Jesus, I thought doing cons led to long days.  I’m dead exhausted right now.  The good news is that the company is not wasting their money or my time, and we are being well fed.  I have no real complaints other than I’m not at home and not asleep.

Also, Denver is very flat, which surprised me, and seems to consist entirely of warehouses and factories.  It may be that I’m in the wrong part of town but there are a lot of goddamn warehouses and factories.  We’re pretty much confined to the hotel at all times so there’s been no real opportunity to sightsee and that’s unlikely to change.

“Why are there no pictures of the mountains, Luther?” you might be thinking.  Well, it’s because so far the only time I’ve seen them has been while I’ve been in a van with ten other people and that does not lead to prime photography opportunities.

Sleep now.

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3 thoughts on “I’m not dead yet

  1. I used to visit friends and family there and I never got the hang of Denver. Between any two locations is a miserable minimum 20-minute drive through what appears to be endless strip malls. Any history has been long-buried beneath gleaming new buildings. Within the city, there’s enough bars and restaurants to find something you like; most everything was at least good if not great (except for one diner which is a gimmicky “we’ll treat you rudely ha ha” kind of place with high prices instead of a place to get a homestyle hot meal for a reasonable price.)

    My favorite thing about Denver was leaving (ha ha). Heading west or north you hit the gorgeous Rockies, Pike’s Peak is not that far south, and to the east is a plateau heading to the huge and flat American prairie.


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