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55123481.jpgI am still not at all looking forward to my visit to Denver, which is now barely over a week away.  The picture is probably overstating things, as I have nothing against the town itself other than not wanting to go there but whatever.  My regional manager mentioned to me the other day that he’d see me there, and once I confirmed that was true he told me that “everything I’d heard about altitude sickness was true” and told me to expect a solid week of headaches, dehydration, sore throats and getting out of breath every time I exert myself a little tiny bit. This from the guy who wanted me to be excited about the trip.


Apparently posting the book cover for the next Benevolence Archives book yesterday flipped some sort of Author Switch in me, because I made additional progress toward actually making Tales a real thing this evening.  To wit: I emailed a Real Author of my acquaintance and asked him if he’d be willing to contribute a blurb to the cover.  This was a bit of a Keanu moment, honestly.


I will, of course, report back if he agrees to provide said blurb.  I can think of reasons why he might say no (all entirely legitimate and fair, mind you) but in the meantime let’s all cross our fingers.

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  1. Have you previously been to a place with a significantly higher altitude than you’re accustomed to? If not, it may not be as bad as you’ve been led to believe.

    The first time I visited New Mexico (a few years before moving here), I went hiking up on Sandia Peak, which is 10,600 (and change) above sea level. This is a lot higher than the just-under-900 -foot elevation of Erlanger, Kentucky, where I lived at the time. I had no trouble whatsoever with altitude sickness even up there, much less at the much lower 5000 or so feet of Albuquerque itself. (Parts of Albuquerque are higher than parts of Denver, but they’re close enough for the comparison to be valid.)

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  2. you’d think it was the moon, with those warnings. I don’t think you should expect any of those things. from the altitude, I mean. I have no idea what you should expect from the author.

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  3. Jessie Gutierrez

    fingers crossed both for the Real Author’s response and your trip. I live in Colorado and love it, but I will say: drink a lot of water and bring moisturizer! Altitude sickness is over hyped, I promise

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  4. I’ve been to Denver, and I normally live at 600 or so feet and I didn’t have any problem. Just don’t get in a hurry, stay hydrated and if you start feeling light headed, stop and breathe deeply for a minute.


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