holy shit dude LOOK at my HAND


Ah, what the hell, let’s just keep it full-size.

So, last night I took a pain pill before bed because I was jimmylegging like hell (look it up, it’s a thing) and also because my back and knees were bugging me.   This morning I woke up still feeling a bit loopy.  That’s not entirely uncommon but generally it goes away within an hour or two.

It is now twenty-four hours since I took the pill– one pill!  And not even something illegal or even particularly unwise!  One damn Norco!– and I’m still having intermittent bursts of dizziness and ooh my head why is the world upside-down going on.  Also earlier today I had an oak butterfly leaf dropped directly on my thumb and it is all sorts of unnatural colors and I probably ought not to be typing right now because hurty.

Also I sold a lot of furniture today, or at least I think I did, which is kind of surprising because all I really remember from work is putting my head down on the counter a lot.  Apparently that’s good salesmanship for at least some humans.  Dunno why.

I’m going to spend the next six hours watching my thumbnail change color.  Please do something better with your Saturday night than I’m doing.  Assuming it’s Saturday night where you are.  I’m not sure anymore.

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5 thoughts on “holy shit dude LOOK at my HAND

  1. I never fill pain med scrips because they make it so I can’t go poo poo. Advil is enough for me, and if not, then I dig out Dr. Paul Brand’s life-changing book, “Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants”.


  2. I took 4 of those one day about a year ago, and slept for 18 hours. I wanted to self induce a coma and that was close to it.

    But on an unrelated note, you shouldn’t close comments. I just watched Snowpiercer last night and needed group therapy and couldn’t share. After this insane election cycle, with two profoundly incompetent candidates, the crazies have revealed their true thoughts. It seems the same people who voted Clinton (despite her gross corruption) are the same people who love Snowpiercer. It makes no sense at all, like the rational thinking of leftists.

    I’m TRYING to understand these people but they seem to be missing a few bolts i take for granted, which causes an impossible rift in communication. I’ve done a lot of self reflection and nuts is nuts, that’s all i can conclude. If there’s no bridge, you can’t drive across a river. But leftists can. Until one of them expessses their views coherently i will never be able to relate. Not that i absolutely must do so, since leftists comprise only 25% of us.


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