A quick insight into my personality

Django Wexler, an author I was rather fond of ten minutes ago, just did this to me:

I had a long day at work today, guys.  My last customer of the night kept me at work well past closing time and didn’t buy, I want to curl up in bed with a book, and instead this damn math problem is in my head and fucking with me.

I may need to grab a note pad and oh fuck it I’ll do it on the blog.

Let’s say N is 2.  So two bits, either 1 or 2.  Roll them once.

25% of the time you get both twos.  (so 25% of the time, only one roll)

50% of the time you get one two.

25% of the time you get two ones.


If you have one die left, you have a 50% chance of being done.

If you have both, see the above calculation.


this suggests you have a pretty big chance of being done after N rolls, with diminishing returns after N.  I’m too tired to nail the numbers down, but I suspect N2 is a reasonable answer. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to figure it out more carefully.

Assuming I can sleep, ever.


holy shit dude LOOK at my HAND


Ah, what the hell, let’s just keep it full-size.

So, last night I took a pain pill before bed because I was jimmylegging like hell (look it up, it’s a thing) and also because my back and knees were bugging me.   This morning I woke up still feeling a bit loopy.  That’s not entirely uncommon but generally it goes away within an hour or two.

It is now twenty-four hours since I took the pill– one pill!  And not even something illegal or even particularly unwise!  One damn Norco!– and I’m still having intermittent bursts of dizziness and ooh my head why is the world upside-down going on.  Also earlier today I had an oak butterfly leaf dropped directly on my thumb and it is all sorts of unnatural colors and I probably ought not to be typing right now because hurty.

Also I sold a lot of furniture today, or at least I think I did, which is kind of surprising because all I really remember from work is putting my head down on the counter a lot.  Apparently that’s good salesmanship for at least some humans.  Dunno why.

I’m going to spend the next six hours watching my thumbnail change color.  Please do something better with your Saturday night than I’m doing.  Assuming it’s Saturday night where you are.  I’m not sure anymore.