In which I think about the future

51chrfXHMNL._SX277_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgI did something the other day that I haven’t managed to do in years:  I cleared out my Unread Books shelf in my bedroom.  It has been damn near a decade since I had less than at least a couple of books on that shelf waiting to be gotten to, and there have been plenty of times where the shelf was literally the entire shelf.

What can I say; I buy books.  Lots of them.

Anyway, I had a problem: the last book on that shelf was Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism, which is a book that I both 1) ought to read and 2) genuinely want to read.  However, I’ve discovered over the last few days that I absolutely do not have the necessary headspace available to handle reading Hannah Arendt.  This is depressing but true; I can’t do heavy nonfiction right now, and heavy nonfiction about antisemitism and totalitarianism is just not a thing I’m capable of.  So that’s gonna end up DNFed until I’m in a place where I can reflect and think more clearly.  I’ll get to it eventually.

Last night as I was having those thoughts about reading it occurred to me that somehow, despite being a fan of science fiction and fantasy for forty years, I’ve never read anything by Terry Pratchett.  I quickly downloaded The Color of Magic to my Kindle and read the first hundred or so pages last night.  And, well, now I think my project for 2017 is going to be to read every single Discworld book.  This somewhat conflicts with my previously-set goal to keep books by straight white men to no more than 30% or so of my reading.  I may amend that to no more than thirty percent of the authors being straight white men.  This sort of feels like a cheat but it’s my goals and my rules and I figure I can probably change them on the fly if I damn well feel like it.

What do you think?  Is 2017 the Year of Terry Pratchett?  Should I go for it?

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  1. I hear almost nothing but good about Pratchett, which has the odd effect of making me put off reading his work. My tendency to distrust mass emotion makes it hard for me to go along with near-universal praise even though I suspect I’m being silly in this case.

    My to-be-read queue reached its usual December low, anticipating a bunch of stuff for Christmas. Right now it stands at something like eight nonfiction books plus several Complete Peanuts and one Barnaby collection. And then some fink mentioned a book about the earliest well-documented instance of dueling being prosecuted in medieval Paris courts (Eric Jager’s Blood Royale) and I figure to get to the library tomorrow to take that out.

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  2. Reading Pratchett is actually one of my goals this year, too. I couldn’t quite get into The Color of Magic, so my sister just gave me the first of the witches series, which she loves.


  3. You should DEFINITELY read the Discworld books this year 🙂 And the truckers-diggers-wings series. And any other book by him which you can get your hands on. If you read them in order they make marginally more sense (in that you understand more references), but I read most of them in the wrong order and they were still brilliant 🙂


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  5. Do it. Sir Pterry manages to be hilarious and readable without being fluff – there’s sharp, incisive stuff in there too. And they’re great fun. (The Witches series is my favorite. 🙂 )


  6. That’s a lot of complex rules and systems you’ve got going there 😊. I like that you threw all of them out and just read what you wanted to anyway. I’ve read 1 Terry Pratchett book – it was very engaging but I didn’t want to get lost in s world of reading only the one author so I haven’t picked another one since. Mind you, now I’m on a back to back Zadie Smith journey, but that’s a little different to being immersed in one world.


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