I can haz next Wednesday?

wegotthisHad a weird conversation with a co-worker today who was planning on staying up punishingly late tonight to watch Game 7 of the World Series, yet could not understand why I was not expecting to get any sleep next Tuesday night due to staying up late watching election returns, liveblogging, and generally making an ass of myself on Twitter. To my mind, they are basically the same activity, only mine involves literally defeating the forces of evil.

Do not panic, by the way, if you are a Democrat and prone to such things.  I have been saying this for months: Hillary is going to win, and she’s going to win big.  I don’t care what Nate Silver says, I didn’t care what Nate Silver said a month ago, and I’m not going to care what he says in five or six days.  Clinton is going to win.  Trump never had a chance.  I am more mellow about this election than any in my lifetime, and my memory probably encompasses an extra election or two beyond what you might expect from a 40-year-old, because I have a lifelong habit of paying attention.

I am right about this.

Trust me.

Do not panic.

Meanwhile, speaking of not panicking, the Cubs just went up 5-1.  I will probably watch another twenty minutes of baseball and then consign the rest to history and go to bed; I am working my way through a thousand-page Ken Liu novel and kinda want to prioritize that over grown men swinging sticks.

Goal for the next two days: no naps.  Likelihood of achieving goal: minimal.

4 thoughts on “I can haz next Wednesday?

  1. I certainly hope you’re right.

    Thing is, I want this to not be anywhere CLOSE to being close. I want Clinton to have a mandate, and Trumps neo-fascism to be shown to be a folly with a large defeat.

    Fingers crossed.


    1. Yes. The question isn’t “Will Clinton win?” The question is “Will she blow him out of the water, and how long are her coattails?” I’m slightly less confident about saying yes to the second question, but I’m still reasonably confident.


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