A note on typography

This guy is running for school board:

You get it, right?  A+!  School board!  And the letter is in a bigger, different font and it’s red.

Unlike his road signs– picture to come later, if I can find one conveniently located to get a picture of– which are all the same color, and the font change either isn’t there or isn’t as noticeable, and therefore it takes me weeks to realize that you aren’t trying to signal your Jesusyness to people by sticking a cross into your road sign, which caused me to (ahem) cross you off my list of people to vote for.

Typography.  It’s important.

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2 thoughts on “A note on typography

  1. He also picked a typeface for the rest of his sign that makes him look like he’s running for lead character in an E-rated Nintendo game.


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