Anecdotes are not data

I’ve been living in this town a while, and like most of you I know by now which houses are going to have lawns full of signs every November and what party they’ll be for.

Every Trump sign I drive past on my way to work has disappeared.  Every. Single. One.  One guy, whose back yard buts up against a major road, puts his signs behind his house, and had actually surrounded his Trump sign with concrete blocks.  Not only is that sign gone, but so are the blocks and the other four signs for more local candidates.  I didn’t notice any others that had disappeared for anyone other than Trump.

Possible, I suppose, that someone went on a sign-stealing rampage last night. But given the location of that last house, at least, such an action would be at best hugely inconvenient and more likely insanely reckless and dangerous.

I draw no conclusions. Just pointing out what I’ve noticed.

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