A couple of mild predictions regarding tomorrow’s debate

kaine-pence-759.jpgIN full accordance with basically every single word I’ve said about the arc of this presidential campaign, the polls have been moving rather decisively back toward Clinton since she wiped her ass with Trump’s hairpiece in the first debate.  Which I also knew she was going to do.

I will be liveblogging the debate tomorrow night as well.  I expect the general spin afterward to be that Pence won, mostly because Pence is better than Trump at seeming to not be a rat-turd of a human being and Trump’s performance is what he’s going to be judged against.

And, if I’m being honest, Pence is less of a rat-turd of a human being than Trump.  He would be a historically awful Vice President, but Trump will be the worst President currently imaginable and Pence, thank God, doesn’t rise to that level.  Make no mistake, Pence is a deeply stupid human being– he makes George W. Bush look well-educated and intellectual by comparison– but he’s generally trainable and he doesn’t have enough of a personality to come off as as psychotic as his boss.  Kaine is almost irrelevant to the proceedings, honestly; he’ll do fine, he’ll probably get a couple of decent jabs in at Trump, but the story’s going to be how much better Pence looked than Trump did.  I expect the polls to, if not tighten, at least stop moving so impressively in Clinton’s direction for a week or so, and then the townhall debate will hit and it’ll start all over again.  If Trump even shows up; I’ll give even money that he doesn’t, and I’d be genuinely surprised if he appears for the third.

Anyway.  More Luke Cage to watch.  See you tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “A couple of mild predictions regarding tomorrow’s debate

  1. I agree that Pence will help to soothe the nagging clue that Trump followers suspect (know) their candidate is a loose cannon unfit and pence can be a buffer for that fear. It’s just beyond belief that we have come to this. I think we need to require testing prior to running for pres. For personality disorders and downright insanity.

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  2. Pence being so close to the White House scares me. His beliefs are reckless and irresponsible. From what he thinks constitutes rape, to his comments on how bad it is for children with working moms, to his insistence that autism is caused my vaccines and that insurance companies not cover the costs of therapy for autistics, to his assertion that smoking is not bad for you. Not surprisingly he has strong ties to the cigarette industry. I won’t even talk about his uber aggressive anti-LGBT and anti-abortion stance. There’s no doubt that his personal beliefs would influence any decisions he gets to make and it would be all bad. I don’t care that his lack of personality will make him look composed compared to Trump.

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    1. Keep in mind I’m in Indiana– I’m fully aware of what he is. But ultimately I think all that’s going to matter from this debate is the optics, and I think he can probably manage to go 90 minutes without saying anything about what he actually believes. I’d love to see him sink the campaign once and for all though.


  3. “I’d love to see him sink the campaign once and for all though.”

    Yes, that would be lovely– but I suspect we’re going to have to leave that to his running mate. Which, if he pulls another boner like the one about PTSD, might just happen. There’s got to be a point at which this drivel-bucket breaks open and Trump gets swept away by his own effluvium. At least I hope so, for the sake of the Republic.

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