That’s How We Get Ants: a #review of @chuckwendig’s INVASIVE

51trpgxixzl-_sx325_bo1204203200_Today was my day off.  In honor of my day off, I got home from taking the boy to school, read yesterday’s comic books, finished Invasive, and then went to bed until about 4:00.  I didn’t oversleep; I didn’t take a longer nap than I wanted to.  Sleeping for the entire day was the plan and I regret nothing.  On Saturday, I worked an 11-hour shift, 6.5 on Sunday, 8 on Monday, and 11 on Tuesday and Wednesday.  That’s nearly fifty hours, all of it on my feet, including unloading furniture trucks on Tuesday.  I needed the sleep.

So.  Yeah.  Invasive.

I think the best thing I can say about this book is that I wish to hell I had written it.  Invasive is exactly what I want my own work to be: it’s a fast-paced read, hugely cinematic– of everything I’ve read of Wendig’s, and I’ve read a fair number of his books by now, this would most easily translate into a movie– and juuust futuristic and sciencey enough to keep things interesting.  I like books that have characters in them who are smarter than I am, and half the characters in this book make me look like Sarah Palin by comparison.

Oh, and it’s creepy as hell, too, to the point where reading it is virtually guaranteed to literally make you physically uncomfortable at times.  Take a gander at the cover, there, and understand that the book begins with a definition of the word formication, which I’m going to be a jerk and make you Google rather than defining it.  This book is gonna screw with your head.  It’s gonna screw with your body.  And once you’re done being creeped out, you’re going to appreciate it.

Note that if you go to Amazon and check out the listing, you will see that this book is listed as being part of a series– a sequel to Zer0es, which I also quite liked.  The links are very tenuous.  There’s a character or two in common and one brief reference to the first book.  I almost didn’t realize it was a sequel, and if you haven’t read Zer0es, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

So go read it.

(Oh, and there’s an extended Archer riff.  There are not characters in this book named Archer, Barry, Ray, and Pam by accident.  There just aren’t.)

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