Do not do any Google searches based on this post

In fact, have a fluffy kitten from my Instagram account:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.05.42 PM.pngThis adorable kitteh has adopted my parents and we’re trying to decide who’s taking him for real.  I really really want to except for the part where I already have an elderly cat and an elderly dog and I’m really not sure how kindly either of them will take to a new younger cat.  So maybe we won’t make him ours.  Or maybe we will.  I dunno.

So my middle toe on my right foot is rotting off.  I clipped my toenails last Sunday and managed to fuck it up on my middle toe and it bled a little bit.  Monday night the sky exploded and my basement filled with water or at least part of it did and I spent who knows how long wading in Ebola water barefoot.  Then my toe started changing colors and shit and the doctor I went to see yesterday got to say things to me like “Oh, yeah, you’re gonna lose all the skin there” and “it’s probably not MRSA,” only she spelled MRSA out, like emm-arr-ess-ay, and who the hell does that?

And then she gave me a broad-spectrum antibiotic to take, and explained carefully that there was only a little chance that my penicillin allergy meant that I was also allergic to this drug also, and even if I was well I just had a rash the last time I had penicillin, when I was five, so I probably won’t die if I have something like penicillin today.  

On the plus side, I know how to field dress a middle toe now, but I’d rather not know that and still have ten toes and none of them rotting.  Instead I have nine good toes and one rotting one and it’s not fun.  I walked fifteen thousand steps today, by the way.