In which I pay insufficient attention to national events

2016_democratic_national_convention_logo.jpgI deliberately ignored the entirety of the RNC, and due to my work schedule I’m only just now tuning into a few minutes of the Democratic convention before falling into bed and dying.  I was treated to a few minutes of Jeffrey Lord being an idiot and now the crowd is mostly ignoring a speech by a NYPD detective who was serving on September 11.

And now he’s done, rather abruptly, and there’s a 9/11 survivor talking, and I’m sorta losing interest already.  Bill Clinton is speaking later, but I don’t know what “later” means and I know for sure that i’m probably not going to last to see it.

My understanding is that the speeches yesterday went well, and that Bernie echoed Hillary’s move in 2008, calling for her to be nominated by acclamation, and that a number of his delegates are being jackasses.  I have a half day tomorrow, so I may catch up on some of the stuff I missed; we’ll see.

I spent an hour and a half unloading furniture trucks this morning, guys.  Brain’s turning off.  How was your day?