On the Transcendent Joy of Parenting

cb92ef0cef493f0a4f5530c506dbc8373aaea16bc8426a590859ca5e1a94ab1e_1.gifWoke up this morning to discover that Reddit had discovered the goddamn Snowpiercer post again, to the tune of 600 pageviews before I woke up and just shy of 2000 right now.  Went to work and Sold Hot Furn, as the phrase goes– and that’s really a thing people have suggested we do around where I work, believe it or not– and then grabbed the boy and swung by my parents’ place.  Mom had minor surgery yesterday and I wanted to check in on her.  She’s fine.  Dinner happened.  All was good.

Oh, and I spent a hundred and seventy dollars on a pillow, which is a thing that is possible and which I did and there will be a review of this pillow in the near future.

So.  Yeah.  Post-dinner, the boy and I headed home, and then I was confronted, in rapid succession, with:

  • The Crisis of I Left My Snuggly at Grandma’s, Yes, I Need It Now, We Need to Go Back
  • The Crisis of Why is McDonald’s Taking So Damn Long, Daddy, and the Reminder that I Could have Eaten at Grandma’s Like You Did is Not Assuaging Me Any
  • The Crisis of Two Skinned Knees in the Driveway
  • The Crisis of Why Isn’t There Any Pie Left, Yes, I Know I Have McDonald’s, But Now I Want Pie Because My Knees are Skinned
  • The Crisis of These Appropriately Sized Band-Aids do not Feature Pictures of the Proper Cartoon Characters; I Want Four Smaller Ones Instead
  • The Crisis of What Does “Suck It Up, Buttercup” Mean, Daddy?
  • The Crisis of The Dog is Too Close to My Chicken Nuggets
  • The Crisis of Daddy’s iPad is Out of Battery Power
  • The Crisis of Why Isn’t Mommy Home to Deal With These Crises, Daddy, Your Relative Lack of Sympathy to Many of My Problems has been Noted.

Another eleven thousand steps today, by the way, and today was my half-day.

12 thoughts on “On the Transcendent Joy of Parenting

  1. You will never be rid of the Snowpiercer post haha.
    Glad that the new job is keeping you active, too! Sounds exhausting, quite frankly. I would never cut it as a furniture salesman.

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