Wednesday whatevs

I read tfc,220x200,lemon.jpgwo full books at work today.

Reading books as part of your training at a new job is kind of weird, right?   There’s a break room, but it’s kind of desolate and way too hot– when I was up there yesterday going over some stuff I found myself dangerously close to falling asleep after about half an hour, and that is not what we want– so the best solution is to find a place on the floor where I’m mostly out of the way when there’s printed material of some kind that they want me to go over.

(I should point this out: the books are interesting!  I actually ordered one from Amazon today because I’m reading a store copy and want my own.)

The problem, of course, is that from the way I’m dressed and, well, the name tag, it’s painfully obvious that I’m an employee.  And the place is understaffed– there’s a reason they were hiring– and so frequently when a customer walks in there’s no one to welcome them in right away.  And I know nothing, and have no access to anything, so I’m not super helpful– but the customers don’t actually know that.  So I’ve been in this weird position for the last couple of days where my options are one of the following:

  1. To walk up to a customer and say Hi, I’m Luther, and I work here, but I don’t know anything yet and can’t really help you or sell you anything, but I’ll be happy to find someone who CAN help you if you have a question, except that chances are the reason that person isn’t here right now is because they’re already with someone else in the first place so you’ll probably have to wait.  But hi!
  2. Or, like, sit there in my chair, reading my book, running the serious risk that a customer who actually needs something is going to leave a Yelp review or some shit like that saying one employee literally was sitting and reading a book instead of helping customers.  Which is bad for a whole host of reasons.  It ain’t like I have TRAINEE on my hat or anything.  Hell, I’m not even wearing a hat.  Maybe that would help.

But yeah.  I really am looking forward to getting started with, like, actually doing stuff, if for no better reason than it would give me something to talk about when I get home at the end of the day beyond I watched training videos and read three hundred pages of stuff.  The job’s going to be fun!  And I’m going to be good at it!  But there’s going to be another, like, week and a half of oh god, training is going to kill me before that happens.  I just hope I don’t lose every reader I have before then.  🙂

Speaking of: I feel like not enough of you have bought The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1 lately. It’s 99 cents!  You can find that in your couch.  Spend your couch money and buy my book! It’s more entertaining than my blog.

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